Maintenance Planning and Programming Workshop


Maintenance Planning and Programming Workshop


Identify the main elements of the complete maintenance cycle: identification, planning, programming, execution, recording and analysis of information. Know planning and programming practices, task prioritization, risk management, resource administration, scenario management; Planning improvement methodologies.

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This course is intended for Managers, Planners, Supervisors, Analysts, reliability personnel and maintenance execution and support personnel who wish to understand the complete planning and programming process, application of practices and identification of the importance of these techniques.


  1. Introduction
  2. Evolution of Maintenance
  3. Maintenance Planning
  4. Maintenance Interventions
  5. Maintenance Engineering
  6. Benefits of planning
  7. Practical Planning Exercises
  8. Principles of programming (inputs and outputs)
  9. Work Order Cycle
  10. Priorities and Workload
  11. Optimization in the use of resources
  12. Practical programming exercises

16 Hours


Virtual – Zoom Platform


– Per participant (according to calendar)

– By company group (according to quote)


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