Maintenance Indicators Management Workshop


Maintenance Indicators Management Workshop

Companies are increasingly aware of the need to effectively implement and manage industry best practices. However, the vast majority of efforts made have not led to obtaining the expected benefits, due to the lack of an adequate approach to ensure the results of these programs.

At IT Consol we detect these needs of the industries and we invite you to be part of our Maintenance Indicator Management Workshop.


Know the relevant aspects for the definition of management indicators for the maintenance area, identify and detail the levels of maintenance indicators (team, process, business); as well as the registration, monitoring and information control processes for the management of required information.

Addressed to:

Bosses, Planners, Supervisors, Analysts, reliability personnel and maintenance execution and support personnel who require understanding of the information management process in the maintenance area, management levels, development of operational, tactical and business indicators required to evaluate the results of the maintenance and reliability area.


  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Indicators (team, process, business)
  3. Information Inputs and Outputs
  4. Maintenance management principles
  5. Main indicators
  6. Monitoring and Control of Information
  7. Process Flow and Information
  8. Reference Values ​​for Indicators
  9. Indicator Control Cells
  10. Action Plans

16 Hours


Virtual – Zoom Platform


– Per participant (according to calendar)

– By company group (according to quote)


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