Comprehensive ISO55000 Asset Management (Electric Sector)


Comprehensive ISO55000 Asset Management (Electric Sector)

We know how important training is in our professional growth. Therefore, we want to tell you about our Course: “Comprehensive ISO55000 Asset Management (Electrical Sector)”.


Understand the management of basic asset management processes in the electricity sector company aligned with the ISO55000 Standard and know the implementation guidelines in each business area related to asset management processes.

Addressed to:

Managers, Chiefs, Analysts and coordination staff of the areas of Operations, Maintenance, Finance, Supply, Legal, Safety and Environment, Human Resources and the personnel who require knowledge and/or will participate in the implementation processes of asset management and the ISO55000 standard in the organization.


  1. Concepts of Asset Management and Electrical Taxonomy
  2. ISO55000 Standard – Management Levels, Requirements and Guidelines
  3. Resource and Competence Management
  4. Financial and Accounting Asset Management
  5. Risk Management
  6. Electrical Risk Administration and Prevention
  7. Performance Monitoring in Asset Management
  8. Asset Management Implementation Stages

30 Hours


Virtual – Zoom Platform


– Per participant (according to calendar)

– By company group (according to quote)

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