SMARTFLEET – Intelligent Fleet Management – Monitoring of Variables of Operation and Maintenance with IOT

Smart Fleet allows you to communicate a vehicle to a database under an M2M scheme in a simple, secure and low-cost way; only the OBDII diagnostic port of the same is used.


  • Real-time location of all vehicles in a fleet on maps.
  • Simple fleet management by groups or individually.
    Assigning different users with different levels of access.
  • Private access to own accounts.
  • Tracing and recreation of routes.
  • Historical information of routes and activities.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Reduction of gasoline consumption.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Improve the driving culture and use of the vehicle.
  • Fleet investment protection.
  • Timely detection and prevention of risks due to driving habits.
  • Reduction of operating times.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • Reduction of visit times.
  • Reduction of downtime.
  • Measurement of key indicators.
  • Reducción de accidentes automovilísticos.


  • Velocity
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Dry braking
  • Impact
  • Points of interest
  • OBDII disconnection
  • Stoppage time
  • Permitted times
  • Engine failures
  • Sudden variation of gasoline


  • Daily activities
  • Real-time location
  • Route on map
  • Gasoline consumption
  • CO2 emission
  • Travel times
  • Distance travelled
  • Operating costs
  • Prog maintenance
  • Fleet Management


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