IBM MAXIMO VISUAL INSPECTION – Visual Monitoring inspection with Machine Learning

IBM MAXIMO VISUAL INSPECTION generates as business value to increase the accuracy and speed of inspection to 99%, rapidly evolves the inspection of assets with artificial intelligence to meet changing requirements, as well as increase the productivity of experts.  It is the central utility of the IBM MAXIMO 8 suite, for the development and training of models with artificial intelligence and has integration with the Monitor, Health and Predict modules of the same IBM MAXIMO product suite.

Business leaders are challenged to reduce manufacturing errors as they continuously adjust to market demand, product updates, and new product deployments. Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile offers agility with the easy point-and-click function through the space of a mobile app, as well as providing a powerful ai-based, real-time inspection point and data management platform.

The result is a dramatic improvement in production quality inspection and speed to help detect manufacturing errors.

With Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile, you can do the following:

  • Use object detection and image classification models formed in Maximo Visual Inspection for remote inference.
  • Monitor inspection performance on each device and its location through a built-in reporting dashboard when multiple appliances have been deployed.
  • Provide remote management and configuration of each mobile deployment running on remote devices using a built-in supervisor feature.
  • Train people within the company to act in real time by using mobile phones to determine if there are defects, damages or other anomalies.

To gain more knowledge and experience of inspection with IBM MAXIMO Visual Inspection of the solution, visit the following videos according to your interest:

Inspections in Transmission Towers

Pharmaceutical Inspections

Welding Inspections


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