Root-Cause Analysis (ACR) Methodology Course


Understand the requirements to develop the Root Cause Analysis (ACR) methodology and its application in a case of the company, as well as the basic concepts to develop an analysis of the economic benefits of the implementation of the recommended actions.


Managers, Managers, Gliders, Supervisors, Analysts, reliability staff and maintenance support staff who require knowing and applying the Root Cause Methodology (ACR) in their process of analysis and management of failures and occurrences in their facilities.


  1. Introduction
  2. Concepts of Failures, Criticality and Consequences
  3. Analysis of historical performance and event information
  4. ACR participants and team formation
  5. Development of ACR Methodology
  6. Evaluation of ACR results
  7. Tracking ACR Actions
  8. Benefit/cost analysis for ACR
  9. Practical exercises