Reliability – Centric Maintenance (MCC) Methodology Course


To standardize the concepts and describe the general procedure for the application of the methodology used for the development of Maintenance Plans Focused on Reliability, with reference to the SAE JA-1011/JA-1012 standard, with emphasis on the development of the Analysis of Modes and Effects of Failures (AMEF) in an industrial equipment.


Managers, Managers, Gliders, Supervisors, Analysts, reliability personnel and maintenance support personnel who require knowledge of the Reliability Focused Maintenance (MCC) methodology and its implementation in the maintenance and reliability process.


  1. Introduction
  2. General Concepts of the MCC
  3. MCC Implementation Process and Components
  4. Requirements of the SAE JA-1011/JA – 1012 Standard
  5. MCC Methodology
  6. Statistical data management
  7. Functional analysis of the equipment
  8. Application of Failure Effect Mode Analysis (AMEF)
  9. Practical Exercises