Indicator Management (Operational, Tactical, Managerial) Course


Know the relevant aspects for the definition of management indicators for the maintenance area, identify and detail the levels of maintenance indicators (equipment, process, business); as well as the processes of registration, monitoring and control of information for the handling of required information.


Managers, Gliders, Supervisors, Analysts, reliability personnel and execution personnel and maintenance support that require understanding the information management process in the maintenance area, management levels, development of operational, tactical and business indicators required to evaluate the results of the maintenance and reliability area.


  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Indicators (team, process, business)
  3. Information Inputs and Outputs
  4. Principles of maintenance management
  5. Main indicators
  6. Monitoring and Control of Information
  7. Process Flow and Information
  8. Reference Values for Indicators
  9. Indicator Control Cards
  10. Action Plans