Asset Management – ISO55000 Implementation Course


Understand the management of base processes of asset management in the company aligned to the ISO55000 Standard and know the implementation guidelines in each business area related to asset management processes.


Managers, Managers, Analysts and coordination staff of the areas of Operations, Maintenance, Finance, Supply, Legal, Security and Environment, Human Resources and personnel who require knowledge and / or will participate in the implementation processes of asset management and ISO55000 in the organization.


  1. Asset Management Concepts and their Business Impact
  2. ISO55000 – Management Levels, Requirements and Guidelines
  3. Strategic Asset Management Processes (PEGA, Policy, etc.)
  4. Resource and Competency Management
  5. Financial and Accounting Asset Management
  6. Risk Management 
  7. Performance Monitoring 
  8. Lifecycle Management
  9. Information Management
  10. Asset Management Implementation Stages