Logistics Administration and Ports

Logistics Administration and Ports

DP World

DPWorld in Peru is a subsidiary company of the global DPWorld group, a leader in the facilitation of international trade, and an important player in the logistics chain. They operate from maritime terminals and provide services related to logistics and technological solutions. In Peru, it manages the logistics service and operation of the southern terminal of Callao, with three companies DPWorld Callao, DPWorld Logistics and DP World Transport.

Business Need:
  • Management of the logistics process for purchases and services.
  • Management of the logistics process of services with carriers.
  • Invoicing of Carriers.
  • Maintenance management.
  • Maintenance of port equipment and facilities.


    • Implementation of IBM MAXIMO for Purchasing, Contracts, Inventories and Maintenance.
    • Standardization of contract management and carrier billing.
    • Management of standard services for carrier contracts.
    • Optimization of logistics processes, flexibility and versatility.
    • Integration of maintenance and inventory processes.
    • Optimization of Maintenance OT flows.

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