Oil, exploration and exploitation

Petroamazonas EP is an Ecuadorian public company dedicated to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. It operates 22 blocks, 19 located in the Eastern Basin of Ecuador and three in the Coastal zone. Petroamazonas EP has budgetary, financial, economic, administrative and management autonomy; created under the Organic Law of Public Enterprises, by Executive Decree No. 314 of April 6, 2010, published in the Official Registry Supplement No. 17 of April 14, 2010.

Business Need

  • Achieve an improvement of the maintenance process, ensuring the integrity and integration of information from service requests, such as inventory and logistics management.
  • Identify the processes that ensure the collection of maintenance information for the automatic issuance of management indicators from the system.
  • Standardize the processes of the 19 production batches and integrate reliability management.
  • Identify ISO55000 guidelines for deployment in IBM MAXIMO


  • Asset Management Diagnosis based on ISO55000, to identify the processes of information integration between areas and development of roadmap
  • IBM MAXIMO usage diagnosis regarding the guidelines and integration of information required for implementation of ISO55000 asset management processes and guidelines and development of roadmap
  • IBM MAXIMO technical diagnostics to determine integration needs and infrastructure feasibility required in different batches.


  • Development of a roadmap for the implementation of asset management processes, with specific objectives for the three stages of improvement of maintenance processes and extension of asset management processes.
  • Development of functions to be implemented by IBM MAXIMO for each improvement and objectives set out in the process improvement roadmap.
  • Proposal for Training in Asset Management and IBM MAXIMO workshops based on user roles.