Mining, Smelting and Chemical Plant

Peñoles was founded in 1887, is a mining group with integrated operations for the smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals and the processing of chemical products. Peñoles today maintains a leading position in the industries it serves:

  • As the world’s largest producer of fine-tuned silver and the most important of metallic bismuth in America.
  • It is a Latin American leader in the production of fine-tuned gold and lead.
  • It is among the world’s leading producers of fine-tuned zinc and sodium sulfate.
  • It is one of the most important exporting companies in Mexico, with more than 80% of its sales abroad.

Business Need

  • Different ways to manage maintenance. 
  • Wide variety of flows, procedures
  • Misconceptions of concepts
  • Ignorance of the basics of management and only focus on software
  • Growth of the organization


  • Development of an Asset Management Model


  • Approved maintenance management in all plants.
  • Culture of information analysis with standardized reports
  • Documented procedures and flows
  • Better use of MAXIMO software
  • Staff growth and development, better communication between operational areas