Power Generation

Kallpa Generación, has 2923 MW of installed capacity and supplies 24% of the Peruvian electricity market thanks to its three hydroelectric plants and four thermoelectric plants. In addition, it has a processing plant and a fractionation plant for the production of hydrocarbons from natural gas.  It is part of the Inkia Energy group, an energy group with a presence in nine Latin American countries.

Business Need

  • Integration of operations, safety and environment, maintenance, inventories and purchasing processes
  • Implementation of Risk Matrices, registration of IPERs, risk assessment and its relationship with maintenance processes.
  • Implementation of the operational processes of log and shift report, failure report, maintenance plan and reports for the regulator.
  • Implementation of Casusa-Root Analysis process with methods of five whys and decision trees.


  • ISO 55000 based asset management diagnostics and needs identification and process implementation roadmap in IBM MAXIMO EAM.
  • Implementation of IBM MAXIMO EAM with the asset management process model for power generation companies that includes the integration of operations, maintenance, security and environment and logistics processes.


  • Integration of maintenance, operations, security and logistics processes into a single platform to ensure that all information pertaining to asset management is unified and available for the issuance of global reports and indicators.
  • GAS operation: issuance of an integrated daily report that shows the energy production, fuel consumption, available time of the assets (with reserve and without reserve) and also the unavailable time (planned and unplanned stops), in addition to showing the compliance factor of the dispatch program, the maintenances executed in the operation shift and the important events reported.
  • HYDRAULICS operation: issuance of an integrated daily report that shows the energy production, the times for each generation unit, compliance factor of the dispatch program, level of flow used and turbined, the maintenance executed in the operation shift, as well as the important events reported in it.