Securities and Risk Management

Company that provides money processing, counting, selection and custody services. It has more than 300 vehicles for the collection of values. Management of 13 Bases at national level, They integrate maximum to carry out the management of maintenance, control of fuels, batteries, tires.  Currently the growth was with weapons and Facility Management, ISO9001: 2008 Certifications in Securities Management at the National Level, ISO28000: Security Management Systems for the supply chain and ISO27000: Information Security Management.

Business Need

  • Traceability and maintenance monitoring of the fleet of armored and light vehicles
  • Registration of check-list of inspection of arrival and departure of vehicles.
  • Integration with the fuel consumption system.
  • Implemented fleet maintenance is continuous with the control of assets and maintenance of metering machines and infrastructure, buildings and facilities.


  • Implementing IBM MAXIMO TRANSPORTATION for the vehicle fleet 
  • IBM MAXIMO implementation for metering machine management and installations


  • Automated alerts to report health events
  • Integration of the fleet maintenance management process, inspections and check-list of vehicles entering and leaving.
  • Cost control and resource planning for metering machine maintenance
  • Standardized maintenance control of internal facilities and for external services
  • Implementation of reports and indicators (KPI's)