Energy Distribution

Electro Dunas S.A.A. is the distribution and marketing company of electrical energy in the South-Middle region of Peru, based in the city of Ica. The concession area covers the provinces of Ica, Pisco, Chincha, Nasca and Palpa in the Department of Ica; Castrovirreyna and Huaytará in the Department of Huncavelica; and Lucanas, Parinacochas, Páucar del Sara Sara and Sucre in the Department of Ayacucho.

Business Need

  • Need for integration of the process of settlement of Work Orders, one of the most critical processes and that had disintegrated, having the settlement of services in the operating systems, then the application of costs in a satellite application of costs and later it was taken manually to the module of accounts payable of the ERP.
  • Need for a system in which Work Orders are planned in terms of labor, budget, and materials.
  • Inventory management for all areas, warehouses for contractors, crews, etc.
  • Managing the procurement and contract process
  • Project management and Compatible Units for cost estimation.
  • Monitoring and control of Capex, control of project execution and costs.


  • Implementation of IBM MAXIMO FOR UTILITIES for maintenance, inventory, and purchasing management.
  • Automation of OTs settlement and contractor payment processes
  • Implementation of OTs planning and material reservation for stock control.


  • Agility and reduction of settlement times of Ots of 3 months that was taken before having the system to a month as a first stage and with optimization to the date of settlement and delivery of accounts payable on a weekly basis.
  • Implementation of flow review and approval of operations, administration, services and IT contracts. 
  • Implementation of supported unit structures and cost estimation for new projects
  • Capex recording and control, execution monitoring, resource usage, budget and project costs.
  • Planning of OTs for preventive maintenance, priorities, materials, labor and services.
  • Implementation of virtual warehouses for contractors, crews automatic replenishment methods.