ASSET MANAGEMENT MODEL – ISO 55000 – Organization – Processes – Technology – Regulations

We provide an Asset Management Process Model, based on the ISO55000 Standard, knowledge of corporate and local business models in several Latin American countries, as well as experience in various industry sectors implementing and optimizing business processes related to asset management, change management and implementation projects of operational technology (TO) and information technology (IT) tools for the areas of Maintenance , Operation, Reliability, Safety and Environment, Risks, Warehouse Management, Purchases and Contracts, Contractor Billing Management, Fixed Assets, etc.

Benefits of implementing the Process Model in Asset Management:

  • Asset Management standardized and aligned to best practices.
  • Increase in asset productivity.
  • Culture of Information Analysis.
  • Documented Procedures and Flows.
  • Better use of Asset Management Technology.
  • Professional growth and development.
  • Better communication between operational areas.
  • Better Financial Results.
  • Better Risk Management.
  • Compliance with Social and Corporate Responsibility.
  • Control and compliance with regulatory bodies


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