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Our company

IT Consol Group provides personalized advice to its clients, exchanging its experience and success stories between its headquarters to implement the best business practices and take advantage of technological solutions to achieve the highest operational and economic performance of its assets. Generating long-term relationships that allow us to accompany our clients in their evolution, growth, maturation and management of change for the implementation of processes and technology in Asset Management and Maintenance.

We started with the new millennium

Our History

IT Consol Group was born 20 years ago in Mexico through the association of a group of consultants with extensive experience in process engineering and consulting services. It extended its operations to South America since 2005 and consolidated its headquarters in Peru, Brazil and Colombia between 2008 and 2013. As part of its growth strategy, it expanded its technology and process services towards the use of international standards such as ISO 55000. Asset Management creating its business line specialized in Regulations, Processes and Training in 2012. As part of the evolution of Digital Transformation 4.0, it began the creation of IoT solutions in 2015 and is currently in the process of extending 4.0 technological solutions. .

Our Headquarters






Vision and Values

A World Class Consultant with leading business solutions in its field.
Business Advisors to our clients in Strategic and Tactical Management.
Pioneers in achieving the best return on technological solutions in Operational Management.
A resilient, dynamic and adaptable organization that promotes change.

Personalized Treatment

Trust Generation

Integrity and Customer Service

Innovation and Agility

Knowledge as Asset

Associate and Directors

Edgar Martínez Zepeda

President & CEO

Claudia Ochoa Cázares

President & CFO

Yamina Palma Paredes

Regional Director
Perú – Colombia

Carlos Eduardo Larotonda

Regional Director

Business Partners

We are IBM Gold level Partners for the Watson IoT business line, AI Applications, for the IBM MAXIMO industry solution, IBM TRIRIGA, IBM SMARTCLOUD, IoT & Watson Analytics and Services.

We are Partners of the SAP ecosystem type Partner Edge, providing Asset Management services for SAP, through the guidelines of the ISO55000 regulation, integrating SAP modules to good asset management practices.

We are Partners in Latin America of Canscantech, for the Visual Monitoring solution for Containers and Vehicle License Plates through artificial intelligence, specialized in the movement of Ports and Logistics Chain.

We are Partners in Peru of Copperleaf, a Canadian company specialized in consulting and technology (Solution C55 AIPM – Asset Investment Project Planning) for the planning and management of investments and projects in assets.

We have formed a strategic alliance from Colombia with PS Colombia, a company with extensive experience in operational intelligence in Europe and Latin America.


Our Staff Experience, Knowledge and Skill Set

Our Professional Services area is made up of people with different professions, skills and experiences.
Our strongest point is our people and our team services. Our collaborators have worked on and managed different highly complex projects, from the integration of different systems to process reengineering such as the deployment of cutting-edge technology products.
With our headquarters in different countries, IT Consol has resulted in an interconnected community of professionals who can create, share and build knowledge in time despite distances. A potential benefit is the use of intellectual capital to shorten the lifetime of implementations, increasing innovation and creativity.

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